Temporary stimulation probes

Eledyn 2/Fx bipolar temporary stimulation probes

Tear-Away introducers

Intradyn Tear-Away is a radiopaque, pre-formable peel-away introducer set

Right heart catheter

Corodyn right heart catheters for the measurement of haemodynmic pressure

Angiography catheters

Superior flow rates thanks to extra large inner catheter lumen
Symmetrically braided shaft for 1:1 force transmission
Atraumatic non braided tip
Color coded ergonomic catheter hub

Disposable transducer

Combitrans disposable transducer for the continuous measurement of physiological pressure

Reusable transducer

Combidyn reusable physiological pressure transducer SensoNor 844 for invasive pressure measurement

Accessories for haemodynamics

Pressure tubing lines for Combitrans and Combidyn kits

Arterial catheter kits

Arteriofix and Arteriofix V for invasive monitoring of blood pressure and blood sampling using the Seldinger technique

Manifold with integrated transducer

Angiotrans transducer manifold

Angiographic syringes

Angiodyn angiographic syringes for manual contrast medium injection

High pressure tubing lines

Angiodyn high pressure tubing lines for angiographic interventions

Guide wires

Angiodyn guide wires for introduction, stabilization and positioning of angiographic catheters