Wall system with a storage capacity of one dental apron or two radiation protective drapes.


The correct way to store up to for 4 MAVIG gonadal aprons from the series RP643.


Wall system for an optimal storage of up to 3 X-ray protective garments, with a turning stop on the right or left side.


Mobile storage system with a storage capacity of 5 (AW423/5) or 10 (AW423/10) x-ray protective garments. Easy, convenient, and safe to move.


For the storage of skirts, please add our special hooks to systems AW419, AW421 and AW423.


This clothes hanger made of hightensile material with a special form is ideally suited for the storage of individual aprons, coats, or costumes.


MAVIG storage systems have to fulfil a number of basic criteria in order to be useful to you in your daily work. We designed our storage systems with
these points in mind.