The high quality acrylic shield allows for an excellent transmittance and unimpeded view. All edge and corners have been rounded and shatter-proof materials are used to minimize risk of injury.


Transperant X-ray protective shield, centrally guided.


Transpartent X-Ray protective shield with a body-shaped cut-out for better positioning above the patient


Transparent lead acrylic shield (OT25B22)with flexible radiation protective strips in hygienic PVC cover, centrally guided.


This radiation protective shield is specially optimized to meet the requirements of urological interventions and provides effective radiation protection for the skull of the examiner.

OT80001, -02, -03

Transperent X-ray protective shield in 3 versions, laterally guided, with flexible lead rubber panels in hygienic PVC cover.

Drape ST-ER

Due to the flexible adjustment of the drape’s cut-out the cover can be adapted precisely to the area of the primary beam, reducing scatter radiation significantly.

ST-FZ, ST-RZ Drapes

Our covers have been ergonomically formed to provide excellent protection, while being as compact as possible for patient comfort.


Scattered radiation protection for femoral and radial access with an overlapping panel curtain and ergonomically fitted radiation protective drapes.