The body-contoured, individually height-adjustable, mobile radiation protective shield provides mobile X-ray protection in any location where radiation protection is currently absent or lacks flexibility, leaving your safety at risk and disrupting your work routine.


The mobile protection screen WD204, available in different widths, consists of an upper part with transparent lead glass and a lower protective part.


The height-adjustable mobile shield with a special contour cut-out and additional lower, radiation protective strips can be placed over the body of the patient, effectively reducing secondary radiation emanating from the patient’s body.


Mobile shield with a transparent and height-adjustable lead acrylic panel. Upper and lower body radiation protection are combined into one mobile system.


This mobile lower body protection can be perfectly combined with all suspended radiation protective shields. A a great solution for situations when a standard table mounted system cannot be used.


The slightly curved lead acrylic shield impresses with its distortion-free vision and its fit, which perfectly merges with the anatomy of the examiner.


The height-adjustable mobile X-Ray protective Shield WD302 effectively reduces secondary radiation emanating from the patient’s body.


The WD306 with its large surface area and extensive lead acrylic top provides maximum radiation protection and an unimpeded view for personal.


Working in radiation exposed environment requires appropriate protection. Therefore the mobile shield WD504 combines upper and lower body protection.


The mobile bed shielding is easy to position by the MTRA (medical technical assistant radiology).